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This is easy blogging fodder, and I’m taking it. A bunch of folks are blogging about what apps they use, connected to Hemispheric Views podcast episode. I’ve done this in the past for interesting apps I use daily, but for a lot of these apps, I consider the choices boring and not deeply considered. But perhaps that makes it interesting.

  • Mail Client: Gmail, Outlook

  • Mail Server: Gmail, Outlook

  • Notes: Kinopio, Drafts, Day One

  • To-Do: pen and paper, Due, Kinopio

  • iPhone Photo Shooting: iOS Camera

  • Photo Management: Google Photos

  • Calendar: Outlook, Apple Calendar

  • Cloud file storage: Google Drive, iCloud Drive

  • RSS: NetNewsWire

  • Contacts: Apple Contacts

  • Browser: Arc (macOS), Safari (iOS)

  • Chat: Apple Messages, Webex, Slack, Discord

  • Bookmarks: Pinboard

  • Read It Later: Pinboard

  • Word Processing: Word, iA Writer, Google Docs

  • Spreadsheets: Google Sheets

  • Presentations: PowerPoint, Kinopio

  • Shopping Lists: Reminders

  • Music: Apple Music

  • Podcasts: Overcast

  • Password Management: 1Password

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